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The New York State Police Academy services approximately 14,000 persons a year. While many of these are troopers, including recruits learning the basics and veteran sworn members receiving specialized in-service training, several thousand others come from other segments of the criminal justice community.

New York State Police
1220 Washington Avenue
Building 22
Albany, NY 12226-2252

Here is an article about a reporter going through the New York State Trooper Academy.

More information about the New York State Troopers Academy

More information on the New York State Police

New York State Police Vehicles

If you are an alumni or presently in the New York State Police Academy and would like to place your class picture or information online please go to my New York State Police Academy Alumni site.

New York State Police Academy Requirements & Training News:

Did New York State Police scapegoat its crime lab scientists?
Dec. 30, 2014: 12 DNA analysts are locked out of the lab and moved to State Police Academy. Jan. 6: State Police attorneys ... including one from outside New York. "There was no statistical significant difference on the examinations between any of these ...

Perkins + Will's Mammoth Police Academy in Queens
As a result of the Public Design Commission of the City of New York’s request, the facade of the imposing New York City Police Academy building is constructed from aluminum panels painted a bluish tint to recall the familiar police shield logo.

New NYPD class is 30 percent Hispanic, officials say
"Higher percentages of Hispanics, blacks, Asians and females will be the new norm," said the official about future police academy classes. The next swearing-in of about 1,297 new officers is scheduled for January 2016 and will round out the police ...

28th NY State Police homicide seminar being held in Albany
The four-day Colonel Henry F. Williams International Homicide Seminar starts Monday at the New York State Police Academy. State police officials say representatives from police departments in 29 U.S. states are attending the seminar, as well as their ...

Culture of Hazing: Donald Trump, Me, & The End Of New York Military Academy
t’s been more than four decades since I graduated from the bankrupt New York Military Academy, which was just sold after a ... who called the State Police. As a result, the adult staff, including the Commandant, the Dean and even the Superintendent ...

Village to Pay $25K After Hiring NYPD-Trained Officer
A Long Island village has agreed to pay New York City $25,000 after hiring a police officer ... two weeks after graduating from the city's police academy. He was then hired to work for the Lynbrook Police Department in Nassau County. The city sued in ...

Liberia: Former Deputy Police Director Wants New York-Styled Force
"Basically Liberia Police forces has a New York style of orientation and there where we were ... Kromah said in the new act, there is no academy qualification for the chief of Police of the Liberia National Police Force, suggesting that sections of the ...

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